Tom Berenger

Dec. 2011-Mar. 2012 094A few nights ago, I was passing the time by listening to records. I have a lot of music, but rarely listen to it because when I do, I do for hours on end. When I gave things away, I ended up having slight givers’ remorse, and went back to see if I could buy back some of my things. There wasn’t much left and the few things that were, I couldn’t afford; however, my old 45s & LPs collection for the most part was still intact.  I bought back as many as I could that I truly liked. One album that I had forgotten was gone, was my “Eddie and the Cruisers” soundtrack. I love the music and the movie. I didn’t remember that my friend Tanya liked it too, and that I had also given her an album for her to own. She did a very kind thing, and gave me back the one I had given her so I could have it. If I remember correctly, later I found the CD and gave that to her. How do we forget such special acts of kindness?

I have a thing for Tom Berenger. When looking at the back side of the album cover, I realized that he is in that movie, and that is probably where my crush developed. He is much older than I,  but like him, Jeff Bridges, and Paul Newman, I think they were the sexiest men alive.

Tom Berenger, I bought the Sniper trilogy prior to finding “Eddie and the Cruisers” again and will love watching you in it.