I absolutely love this!!! This is from one of my dad’s ham radio friends.

Thought for the day: I have great faith in fools — self-confidence, my friends call it. [Edgar Allen Poe] The past few years, I’ve opted to take the month of April off from blogging. Since I chose not to participate in the A-Z Challenge, I decided it would be a good opportunity for me to…

via No Fooling! — I Think; Therefore, I Yam


2 thoughts on “I absolutely love this!!! This is from one of my dad’s ham radio friends.

  1. I used to hate April Fool’s Day. In 5th grade, a boy in my class pretended to have broken his arm for his April Fool’s joke. (His dad was even a police officer so you would think they would be truth lovers!!!) Later that year, he really did break his arm. That left me scarred for life & afraid about Karma, until… my cousin’s cute little son [{Wiley}–Roadrunner was one of the most dangerous but Awesome cartoons there was (and it was my dad’s favorite!!!)] was born on April 1st. She is an awesome person and a Team in Training Marathon runner for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which is near and dear to MY heart, because my FAVORITE doctor died of Lymphoma (on November 30th of 2006). Wasn’t Orson Welles War of the Worlds an April Fools joke??? I just looked it up. It was a Halloween prank. (One of my mom’s favorite holidays but one I personally hated until I started associating it with the Day of the Dead (El Dia de Los Muertos in Hispanic countries). But enough about me. Awesome post Susan!!!

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