Job Hunting 2

I had another interview on Monday. It went better, but I felt like the interviewer kept telling me how I should have answered. I had good comebacks and was able to add to my answers based on what he said, but in a way I felt like I failed. So, now I’m up to about 140 contacts and after tomorrow it will be 155. Tomorrow I will make site visits to try to speak with someone so they can put a face with a resume and possibly land an impromptu interview. These are places I’ve already e-mailed, but I’ll try this strategy too. I’ve expanded my search zone, but do I really want to work somewhere I will have an hour commute each way? It would be a job.
I feel like I’m getting better about answering questions, I just need more people asking for interviews! I’ve been spending more like 5 and 6 hours on job search activities lately, although today it was only about 3 hours. I don’t know what more I can do except start looking in other fields. I’m not giving up hope, but I do need to keep busy and I need to face the possibility that I may not get my dream job. One of my interviewers told me there should be more job postings once funding comes through, but that hasn’t happened yet. If they were smart, they would be interviewing people like she was even though it hasn’t posted, but no one is calling me.
I think I need to pray harder. I’m not sure what to ask for though. I’m not sure I’ve found where I fit yet. I just want to be somewhere I can make a difference without putting too much of a hardship on myself with the commute for example.
This career changing will mean a pay cut. I’ve gotten better about budgeting/spending, but I have to use my credit card right now for a lot of items, so I’m going further into debt the longer I’m without a job.


Job Hunting

I haven’t blogged in a long time. Today, I’m not going to talk about movies, or actors/actresses, music, or literature. I’m just going to talk about real life, because that’s all I’ve had time for lately.
I quit my job (of nearly 10 years) on May 28th and started a summer training program the next day. I took a leap of faith that I would be able to find a job by fall. I didn’t have much time to do a job search while I was in training, so now I’m doing what I can. I’m having a hard time staying motivated and not getting discouraged. Job hunting can be tedious and I’ve found I can only take about 2-3 hours a day. That seems to be my limit on a lot of things like shopping at a mall, etc.
I’ve been on two interviews. The first went great, but then I found out I wasn’t fully qualified for it. The 2nd yesterday was only okay. Things should start picking up, though, I hope, if I can get more feelers out there. It’s a tough market with a lot of competition. I’ve known this market was rough, but I had forgotten how hard it can be to find a job. I didn’t really empathize with job searchers, but now I definitely do!
The last time I was looking for a job, it took me 106 contacts before I found one and I wasn’t happy about accepting it. That was when the market was supposedly good. Right now I’m up to 55 contacts with only 2 interviews. That’s frustrating. Lots of work for very little return, but it only takes one to make it all worth it. Right?
I have until September 30th to remain in the training program, and if worse comes to worst, I can defer for a year. But, this is what I want to do. I don’t want to have to find a different kind of job, and besides, my money is going to run out at the end of August!
I’ve got to stay positive and trust that God will get me there. He’s gotten me this far. So, to all you job searchers out there, good luck, and I hope you find something soon.