Ode to My High School English Teacher

Grammar Poem 03/02/92
Six weeks of fun,
and what have I learned:
parallelism, danglers, subject-verb agreement,
essentials, non-essentials, and tautologies?
Quizzes, papers, but will it all stay
thru college, work, and my everyday?
Can I speak correctly;
do I care? I am a Senior
and Southern at that;
the last thing on my mind is a comma splice!
I do; however, refuse to be ignorant.
I tried to be complacent and let it sink in,
but grammar will never be my friend.
I sang “Come Monday-it’ll be alright”.
Monday came, and grammar ends tonight.
Line 16, now I am through,
and Mrs. Buice–I know I’ll thank you.

I meant to post this on 03/02/13 which would have been twenty-one years after the date on this assignment. Thanks to Mrs. Buice and my college english teacher Ms. Bagby, I scored second highest on my grammar test out of the entire school the year I took it in college! I’m a little rusty on my grammar skills these days, but they have served me well through editing at work, for fun in my writers’ group, and in life in general. Mrs. Buice’s class was one of the best and most useful and interesting that I took in high school. The world needs more good teachers! And, I still love the Jimmy Buffett song “Come Monday.” It has one of my favorite lines: “With you I’d walk anywhere.”


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