Chasing Liberty

I love the movie Chasing Liberty with Matthew Goode and Mandy Moore. I guess I’m still a big kid because I love movies with young people. People that age are so full of life & they make me happy and keep me young. In Chasing Liberty, Matthew Goode talks about his mother wanting his father to make the “grand gesture.” He did not, but Mandy Moore does. I feel like I have made the grand gesture. I don’t know what else I can do but sit back and relax and “let the chips fall where they may.” (She’s the Man is another good movie!)  I pray my cards and letters will find their way to my friends and family. I want to take them to Bethlehem something I used to try to do every year to have them post marked from Jesus’ birthplace for Christmas. However, this year I am late, due to various circumstances, but it’s not too late to start 2013 off right.


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